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Varius is a cloud software solution that allows you to manage your equipment listings from one central, vendor-neutral gateway. With two simple steps—enter once, then autopublish—your data and listings are easily updated across a wide range of media with much less time and effort.

Varius Autopublishs to these Endpoints

Save Time & Money

Varius can bring your office staff huge time and cost savings by eliminating duplicate data entry. It's a matter of working smarter, not harder. . . Because you have other things to do.

Varius Listings


Varius is a vendor-neutral central gateway for all your listings endpoints, including AgDealer, Fastline, Equipment Trader, Iron Search, Auto Trader Heavy Equipment, Kijiji, your own website and more.

Varius Autopublish

Edit & Auto-Update

Edit or remove a listing, publish the update, and all aggregators will auto-update. Any error can be corrected across the board with one edit, allowing quick retractions and corrections

Varius API Listings

Optional API Integration

Varius’ API functionality offers your listings and website significant search engine benefits. What’s more, it brings remarkable possibilities for in-store sales displays, as well as custom app integration.

Explore Varius

Demo Admin Login

Use our sample admin to explore how Varius listings work. Contact us for information and login credentials.

Sample API

Check out our sample API listing. API listings give unlimited potential to the data your Varius account can export, and can be configured in any format or use.

Sample iFrame

The simplest site integration for your site is iFrame integration. However, when using iFrames, formatting, display and search options are limited to the default options.

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